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Frequently Asked Question

How often should I clean the air ducts?
Air duct cleaning should be performed at least once every 3 years. However, when moving in to a new home, we strongly recommend a professional inspection as it is impossible to tell when was the last cleaning done.
How do I know its time for a dryer vent cleaning service?
If you see a build up of lint on the edges of your dryer vent inside and outside your home, then it is time to get a dryer vent cleaning.
What is beeing done in attic cleaning?
Your attic is a dwelling place for many rodents, feces and perhaps asbestos. Therefore, an attic cleaning service will remove and clean the hazards in your attic and also insultate your attic and air ducts properly for a safer and more efficient use.
Can you disinfect the air ducts from the inside?
Yes, we have an up to date rquipment for air duct anti bacterial treatment. It is done with a special foggin machine that gets the entire air ducts to absorb the anto bacterial prodcuts in all areas to settle in.
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